Self-catering Holiday Accommodations for Rent in Andalucia, Southern Spain:
in and around Nerja and Torrox at Malaga's Costa del Sol
and in Almerimar at the Costa Almeria
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General Information

We have put together some general information about Spain and Nerja to help you plan your vacation.

Currency & Exchange RatesHow to use the PhoneNerja Phone NumbersNational & Local Holidays

Currency & Exchange Rates

Spain's currency is the Euro. The official abbreviation for the Euro is EUR, and its symbol is .

We accept most world currencies. If you need a quote in a currency other than Euro please submit your request using the Inquiry Form, and we will be glad to quote in the currency of your choice.

How to use the Phone

Here are a few hints on how to make telephone calls from and to Spain.

International calls

For international calls from Spain to other countries you must first dial 00, the international direct dial access code, and wait for a tone to get linked to the international network. Then dial the code of the country (United Kingdom - 44, Ireland - 353, France - 33, Germany - 49, etc.), the area code (without the leading zero, e.g., 20 for London, 1 for Dublin, 89 for Munich, etc.), and finally the number of the subscriber.

Dialling local numbers in Spain

Inland phone numbers to fixed lines start with a 9 and have 9 digits. Local calls always require the area code starting with 9. This scheme was only recently introduced, i.e., you may still see phone numbers advertised which don't display the full 9 digit number.

Special Numbers:

  • Numbers starting with 900 are freephone numbers
  • Numbers starting with 901 are local call rate numbers
  • Numbers starting with 902 are national call rate numbers

All Spanish mobile phone numbers start with a 6.

Calls from abroad

To call a number in Spain from abroad, dial the international code for Spain (usually 0034), and then the number of the subscriber in Spain.

Telephone Booths

Telephone booths, cabinas telefónicas, are quite common and take Euro and 50, 20, 10 and 5 Cent coins. To call, lift the hand-set and insert the money. Calls are charged by the paso (a time unit). A public telephone on the street charges approximately 4 to 5 Cent per paso.

You often find public telephones in bars. These can be more convenient to use but usually cost more (up to 10 Cent per paso).

At telephone call centres you can make your call from an individual telephone booth and pay at the desk afterwards.

Telephone Cards

Some modern public phones only accept telephone cards. Telephone cards, tarjetas teléfonicas, can be purchased from tobacconists and post offices in units of 5 and 10 Euro. Telephone cards do not offer cost saving but can be more convenient than coins.

Certain telephone companies sell discount call telephone cards through newsagents and other retail outlets in units of, e.g., 5 and 10 Euro. To use these cards, you have to call a free-phone number and enter the card number.

Mobile Phones

Of course, you can bring your own mobile phone and hook up on international mobile phone roaming. Check the instructions of your mobile phone provider for more details on how to use your mobile phone abroad.

Spanish telephone shops also sell mobile phones without contracts (pay-as-you-use). The phone and some 30 Euro worth of calls are sold for about 120 Euro. The card can then be recharged in 30 Euro units as required.

Nerja Phone Numbers

Here are some Nerja phone numbers which might be useful to you:

National & Local Holidays

National Holidays in Spain

Holidays which fall on a Sunday will be celebrated the following Monday.

Local Holidays in Nerja

San Juan is only celebrated if both San Isidro and Nerja Fair are on a weekend. :: General Info