Self-catering Holiday Accommodations for Rent in Andalucia, Southern Spain:
in and around Nerja and Torrox at Malaga's Costa del Sol
and in Almerimar at the Costa Almeria
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There are numerous airports in Andalucia, Southern Spain.

Malaga Airport Info

Please see the Malaga Airpoirt Information website for arrivals and departures time tables & realtime flight information, links to airlines, Malaga Airport Bus and Train Services, taxi fares, road directions, ...


The taxi from Malaga airport to Nerja costs about 75 Euro. We can arrange for a taxi to pick you up and bring you back to the airport. Please tick the corresponding box on our Inquiry Form if you are interested...

Bus Services

With a Taxi costing around 75 Euro each way, maybe catching the bus is looking like a good alternative! As you leave the Malaga Airport arrivals lounge look immediately to your right and you will see the bus stop where you can catch a shuttle bus to Malaga Bus station (the sign on the front of the bus usually says Aeropuerto). This is an urban bus, it may leave the airport empty but fill with passengers en-route so be prepared if you have a lot of luggage. This costs less than two Euro and they run every 30 minutes. The bus from the station in Malaga to Nerja costs around three Euro and is great way to see some of the scenery on the way.

Please confirm times and fares with the local bus station at Malaga (Tel 95 235 0061) or Nerja (Tel 95 252 1504).


The following airlines are servicing Andalucian airports. Most of their websites provide online flight booking facilities...

Booking Services

Travel Agencies

Online Flight Booking

Car Hire

Car hire is cheap in Andalucia due to the large amount of competition between small local companies and some of the bigger car hire names. Here you will find links to various car hire firms offering different services for your convenience. Car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Europecar, Hertz have offices in most Andalucian cities and at the major airports of Malaga and Seville.

We can arrange car hire for you through AUTOS FIESTA. Please visit the AUTOS FIESTA web site for car hire rates and conditions. Please tick the appropriate box on the Inquiry Form if you need more information and/or want us to assist you in renting a car.

Driving in Spain

Driving a car in Andalucia or Spain is very similar to driving in other countries of the European mainland. You have to drive on the right. The following points should serve as a guide.


The law demands that

  • driving license, car document and insurance be carried at all times,
  • seat belts are worn front and back at all times,
  • crash helmets are worn on motorbikes and mopeds,
  • less than 50mg/100ml of alcohol be in the blood.
Speed Limits

The following speed limits apply unless otherwise indicated:

  • 120 km/h (75 mph) on motorways
  • 100 km/h (62 mph) on dual carriageways
  • 90 km/h (56 mph) on single carriageway roads
  • 50 km/h (31 mph) in towns
Road Rules

The following general rules apply unless otherwise indicated:

  • give way to the right,
  • priority is to those already on a roundabout.

Signposting is generally not good and sometimes inconsistent. Old signs are often not taken down when new roads make them redundant. This can lead to conflicting directions. 'Cambio de Sentido' indicates an opportunity to do a U-turn.


Most of the major Andalucian cities are linked through fast motorways. Toll is due for using some of them such as the motorways from Seville to Jerez and/or Cadiz and from Malaga to Marbella and/or Estepona. Older motorways may have poor road surfaces which are being slowly repared. Please take care in these sections.


Almost all garages sell petrol at the maximum price permitted by the government. This varies periodically, but as a guide (autumn 2000):

  • Leaded Petrol is 0.72 Euro per litre
  • Unleaded Petrol is 0.70 Euro per litre
  • Diesel is 0.54 Euro< per litre

Most of the newer petrol stations are self service, many of the older ones are attendant service. Many garages are open 24 hours. You always put petrol in first then pay at the desk, an exception to this rule may be at night. Credit cards are universally accepted. Tipping is unusual despite what you may read in many guide books.

Driving Style

Drivers are generally impatient. They will beat the horn if you delay starting at a green traffic light. Do not give way, out of pure politeness, when you don't have to, since this won't be expected and will only lead to confusion. Please keep also in mind that flashing headlights mean 'Back off! I'm coming!' - quite contrary to some other countries.

Number Plates

Spanish number plates begin with the letter code for the province. The following table lists the Andalucian province codes. A car from another province is probably travelling and may well be unfamiliar with the road.

HUHuelva Map - Andalucia
National Traffic Authority - Direción General de Traffico

DGT - Link to the website of the Spanish National Traffic Authority, with information about road and traffic conditions, point to point route recommendations, toll motorways and prices, newly opened roads, traffic regulations, safety rules and advice, etc. :: Travel Info